Welcome to Pi Food Projects.

We will help you technically Develop, Launch, Maintain and safely produce consistent and profitable quality food products.

Experienced Food Technologist Karl Imiruaye founded Pi Food Projects in 2018 to provide infinite solutions which will enable your food business to deliver your immediate goals, whether that be strategic or directional, through to hands-on implementation and technical support.

Pi Food Projects will give open, honest and direct communication focusing on your Technical, Development or Process functions and work in harmony with your teams to deliver:

  • – Site technical standards,
  • – Develop, improve and support you or your business in achieving your vision,
  • – Support you in the procurement of raw materials, ingredients and process equipment,
  • – Support you in the development and mentoring of staff,
  • – Assess your site with an auditors eye in preparation for customer or accredited audit body visits,
  • – Identify ways of improving existing products, manufacturing process and or  services,
  • – Facilitate better working relationships with internal and external customers,
  • – Project manage a new build, extension, or conversion of an existing facility,
  • – Identify and Commission new equipment,
  • – Successfully introduce new products to site,
  • – Drive change management and culture.